Supplying American High-Tech Industries with High-Grade Green Helium

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High-Grade American Asset

Pinta-South Helium Project contains ultra-high helium concentration of 5-8% in the prolific Holbrook basin of Arizona (vs. 1-2% in Western Canada).

Scalable Production

9 wells connected to pipeline with 10 additional wells in various stages of completion and significant expansion potential of over 300 wells.

Low-Cost Operations

Shallow low-risk wells with drilling and estimated completion costs of US$220,000


Partnership with the world’s largest industrial gas and chemicals manufacturing company, including funding for pipeline construction and off take agreement for the first 10 wells.

Green Helium

Pinta-South is free of hydrocarbons, with nitrogen as the sole-by-product, easily vented into the atmosphere through processing with no greenhouse emissions.

Rapidly Growing Helium Market

Global helium market is set to expand from $4.45 billion in 2022 to $13.26 billion by 2030 (12.9% CAGR).

Strong Pricing Trend

In the last 20 years, helium pricing has increased at a CAGR of 8% reaching $457/mcf in January 2023

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