Helium-Hydrogen Storage

Total Helium aims to be a leader in identifying, building and operating underground Helium and hydrogen storage solutions.

Total Helium is collaborating with a multinational industrial gas company to establish an underground Helium storage rivaling the successor of U.S. Federal Helium Reserve. Total Helium will operate the facility with 50-50% ownership.

Hydrogen and Helium represent the lightest two elements in the universe. While Helium is the second-most abundant element in the universe, its only economic source of production exists in the form of subsurface gas reservoirs.

Helium’s high economic value and its non-renewable nature make its storage critically important.

The on-coming expansion of hydrogen economy and the exit of federal government management from the world’s only functioning underground Helium storage facility in Amarillo, Texas, create new challenges for the world industrial markets.