Operations and Project


Total Helium plans to extend the largest continuous conventional natural gas and Helium field in North America, the Hugoton Gas Field. Hugoton Field is the historical center of Helium production with over 300 BCF of Helium and 75 TCF of natural gas produced.


Acres of leases in hand with leasing campaign ongoing

Location | Hugoton Gas Field

Project Area

Gas Composition from Boltz 35B Well

Methane (54.700%)

Nitrogen (35.025%)

Ethane (4.515%)

Propane (2.995%)

N-Butane (0.935%)

Helium (0.725%)

I-Butane (0.360%)

N-Pentane (0.200%)

Hexane Plus (0.195%)

I-Pentane (0.180%)