Total Helium is a 50% partner in the Pinta South project in the Holbrook Basin of Arizona. This project gives Total Helium the ability to drill its own wells economically with its joint venture partner and supply helium directly to world’s largest industrial gas company as well as the open market.

Arizona Operations

Total Helium is a partner in the prolific Pinta South project located in the Holbrook Basin of Arizona. The Pinta South project is currently producing helium and generating revenue. Total Helium’s partnership with the world’s largest industrial gas company furthers its mission to provide a stable, domestically produced, on-demand supply of helium to North America

  • World class helium concentrations of 5-8%
  • 150+ well potential on the 27,000 acres currently under lease
  • Low $220k per well drilling and completion cost
  • Already producing helium with an aggressive drilling program currently underway to further expand production
  • The established and experienced operating team we have partnered with enables Total Helium to rapidly develop the project
Arizona Map