Total Helium is pleased to announce that our social media accounts are now up and running. We encourage anyone interested in staying up to date on Total Helium’s activities to follow both our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Our social media accounts will be an excellent place to view the latest press releases, informational posts, media interviews, and industry news related to Total Helium. Please use the links below to find our social media accounts and start following Total Helium today.

Total Helium (TSXV:TOH) is a publicly traded helium exploration, production and storage solutions company focused on bringing a reliable domestic supply of helium to the US market. The company’s footprint includes the largest continuous conventional natural gas and helium field in North America. In addition to helium production, Total Helium is also establishing an underground helium storage facility with its industrial gas partner to ensure that the United States has a stable supply of helium at all times.

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