About Total Helium

A Helium exploration, production and storage solutions company

Total Helium, through its partnerships with a multinational industrial gas company, is working to establish underground Helium storage solutions in North America to compete with the upcoming successor of Federal Helium Reserve.

Meet Our Team

Our team brings decades of experience and a proven track record of success in the identification, exploration and production of energy and natural resources in North America. Total Helium combines industry leadership in project generation with cutting edge talent to lead the industry with continued innovation and success.

Board Members
Total Helium Team


Total Helium is building and maintaining a tradition of excellence as a Helium explorer and storage solutions company.

In pursuit of excellence, Total Helium will be a prudent steward of its shareholder’s¬†capital, the environment and safety of all stakeholders.

Core Values

Total Helium believes its reputation among peers, the industry and communities is paramount. This small team of professionals believes in an inherent code of conduct deeply rooted in sincerity and discipline.

The Total Helium team works in an environment of trust where everyone relies on each other and expects responsibilities and succeeses to be shared amongst all.

The Total Helium team believes individuals excel when the entire team is cohesive, driven and focused. That is success for all.

The Total Helium team feels strongly connected to the beauty and value of the coastal lands and mountain wilderness and is wholeheartedly committed to minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment.

Total Helium believes in the power of human ingenuity and tenacity. The team believes that through perseverance, there is always a new and better way to seize on opportunities and tackle challenges.