Pinta South Helium Field

27,000 acres in the prolific Holbrook basin in Arizona, USA

World class helium concentrations of 5-8%

9 wells connected to pipeline with an additional 10 wells at various stages of completion awaiting tie in and 300+ well development plan

Sustainable production with minimal hydrocarbon concentrations – nitrogen is sold by-product, easily ventured into the atmosphere with no greenhouse emissions

Multiple prospective reservoirs:

  • Shinarump Formation (700-1,200 ft.) with proven production
  • Coconino Sandstone, Fort Apache Dolomite, Big A Butte, Granite Wash and Basement (3,800 ft) for upside opportunity

Shallow Shinarump Formation offers fast development opportunity at low cost

  • $200,000 estimated per well for drilling and completion
Deck Elements (Aug.09) 01
Deck Elements (Aug.09) 02